First Baptist Church of Northville is committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. It is our hope that you would partner with us as we strive to accomplish this task through various works around the globe.

Our Vision for Missions

The world overflows with God’s love, yet many cannot see His love. The pressures of this world blind them from realizing the freedom they could have in Christ. The world cries out for help, for direction, for love, yet very few hear this cry. The pleasures of this world deafen them from hearing the call to the ministry they could have through Christ. But there are a few, a few who see God’s love and hear the cry of His people.

FB Northville supports 18 of these few. Our vision is to reach the world through missions! Our passion is to know our missionaries and completely support their ministries through finances, prayers, and true encouragement. Our mission is to continue making disciples to accomplish the vision!

North America:

Jerel and Rebekah Bland              Hope Center Detroit

Willy and Angela Brandle              North American Director

Christy Patterson                             U of M Dearborn

Debbie Patton                                   Kentucky Mountain Mission

South America:

Daniel and Laura Duke                   Peru

Paul and Meagan Hopkins            Peru


Ken and Debbie Haley                   Benin


Nat and Ola Berry                            Poland

Joseph and Darcy Flory                  Russia

Richard and Allisa Hood                 Czec Republic

Ken and Dawn Houghton              Great Britain

Feri and Sanda Horvat                    Romania

Joshua and Denise Steward         Ireland

Brian and Rebekah Wright            Whales


Dr. John Sircar                                   Bangladesh

Laura Kuykendall                              Bangladesh

Closed Countries




Here at FB Northville, we not only want to support missionaries financially to accomplish God’s work, we want to be involved in the work ourselves! God has granted each person different spiritual gifts; we want to embrace those gifts to be a greater blessing to our missionaries! What about you? What are your gifts? How can you make an impact around the world?

To find out more about how to become personally involved in World Wide Missions, you can email Pastor Jon at pastor@fbnorthville.com.