Student Ministry

Here at FBN we don’t have a fancy name for our teens but are the collective of FBN Students. We see students as a vital part of today’s church, not just the church of tomorrow. That is evident in our students who are involved in many areas of our church. We desire to see God raise up this generation as equipped and passionate followers of Jesus who will love and exemplify Christ.  We strive to be connecting students with Jesus Christ, their families, their student ministry, their church, and their generation.  We do not replace the home – we support the home.  We do not replace the church – we are part of the church. We want to inspire and equip students to: ‘Do Justly, Love Mercy and Walk Humbly with God.’ (Micah 6:8) How do we accomplish this?
Mission has to do with our purpose. Often, teenage students are viewed in light of their potential. However, as valuable members of the redemptive community, there is a purpose that must be realized now. Through attendance, involvement, and outreach we teach how they can serve to both glorify God and encourage others now.
Doctrine is simply the explanation of what God has done through Jesus, why He has done it, and why it matters to us. With this in mind, we don’t teach the Bible as a list of rules for godly living. Rather, we seek to unfold the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and how this challenges and changes our living. Our Sunday morning class and Wednesday night Youth Group have a heavy emphasis on discovering this.
During the middle and high school years, we often form more close relationships than any other season of life. At FBN, we believe God gave us these relationships to spread the gospel to some and encourage others in the gospel. Any time we gather, whether it’s for an activity, youth group night, small group, or one on one, we want to cultivate open hearts towards God’s word through having a good time and building relationships.
Our vision for our students is that they will see who they are in Christ, his redemptive work for them, the ownership of their faith, and their mission of discipling others. We want to give students in our community the opportunity to see and hear the Gospel of Christ and to become a disciple for the rest of their lives.